Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crazy Cafe....

This year as a family we set a goal to read our scriptures together every night.  We decided that it would be a great motivator for us if we had monthly goals to work towards and when we met our goals, we would get fun reward.  So, I found a calendar on pinterest where we could keep track of our reading and then as a family we decided what each months reward would be.  Our goal was to read 90% of each month which only allows us to miss about 3 days.  I am happy to report that since January, we have not missed a monthly reward yet! 

So, for April's reward we decided that Mom and Dad would host a Crazy Cafe for the kids. This was such a fun night and a great memory for all of us.  The boys were sent outside to play while I got things ready.  First I set the table and prepped all the food.  Then I created the menu and had crayons ready, because you can't go to a restaurant without kids meals and crayons.  Next the boys were invited in.  I made them go around the house an in the front door where I greeted them as their hostess.  Cameron walked in and immediately handed me a piece of paper all folded up.  I opened it and as I read it, I burst out laughing.  In true C family form, he had created a coupon!  I love this kid!  I think it's in the genes probably originating with his great grandpa C. 

Next the boys were seated and given their menus. This is where it gets fun. The boys have to pick an appetizer, main dish and a dessert, but the catch is that they don't know what they are ordering. We used Disney character names in place of the actual items and each boy had to order one of everything. Then Brett and I served the boys their 3 course meal. The boys thought that it was so funny to see what they had ordered. Here is a list of what was on our menu.
  • Mickey Mouse=pizza
  • Mini Mouse= strawberries
  • Huey=straw
  • Duey=cup of ice
  • Luey=napkin
  • Donald Duck=apples
  • Pluto=party mix (crackers, pretzels, cheetos, etc)
  • Goofy= dessert (cookies)

 Then as we sat and ate dinner, we played a fun game that we often play at dinner time. It is called "Would you rather?" Two options are given and the rule is you HAVE to choose one. For example, "Would you rather have your grandma's hairdo or her name?" It's always good for lots of laughs! The boys all said that this was a lot of fun and have requested to do it again. 

Up next, May reward!  We're looking forward to another fun activity!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

This is me #4

When you have a few minutes or a few days, what do you like to do in your “play” time?

This is a fun question even though I don't feel like I have a lot of "play" time these days, but when I do this is how I like to spend it...

  1. craft
  2. watch movies
  3. go out on dates with Brett (hmmm...maybe that should have been #1 on my list.)
  4. read
  5. find fun crafts to make on the internet
  6. go shopping (preferably without 4 boys in tow)
  7. do crafts with my kids
  8. decorate my home
  9. make and eat yummy treats (chocolate!)
  10. vacation with my family
  11. exercise (almost didn't make the list, depends on the day)
I thought that it would be fun to answer this question in 2 parts.  Part 1 is play time now, and part 2 is playtime when I was a kid
  1. Play house or school
  2. arts and crafts
  3. barbies
  4. ride my bike, roller skate
  5. gymnastics on the front lawn
  6. shopping with mom
  7. doodle (I used to draw on everything)
  8. watch Saturday morning cartoons; my favorites were Smurfs and Alvin and the Chipmunks
  9. vacations...the whole family crammed into the mini van, good times!
  10. sleepovers with my friends

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just because....

The other day I was making lunch for Austin and Ethan and Austin said "Mom, take a picture of us".
So I did:



Ethan is growing up so fast in some ways and not fast enough in others, but moments like this make me wish that he would stay little forever.  Ethan went outside and parked himself right in front of the door and blew bubbles.  I couldn't help but grab my camera to capture these cute pictures of him entertaining himself.

Look at those cheeks

Notice the fingerprints on my door...Hmmm, I wonder who did that?!
Caught me spying

The Circus came to town...

I need to get caught up with some blogging, so be prepared for post overload. It is an annual tradition at our elementary school for the Kindergarten classes to perform a circus. Austin was selected to be one of the clowns. This was his first choice, so he was quite excited. This has to be one of my favorite parts of Kindergarten. I love watching the performance. Austin did a great job! He was by far my most favorite clown and the cutest too (I am may be just a bit biased)!

Getting ready:
(Austin with one of his good buddies)

The performers:
(Austin is the first clown next to the bears)

Austin and his teacher

His act: