Saturday, November 26, 2016

7-11 and cousins...

7-11 fun with cousins
One of our favorite family traditions is play 7-11 on Thanksgiving.  This tradition originated with the McGee family when I was a little girl.  I love carrying on this tradition with my own children.  This year the boys got to play twice!  We had a quiet Thanksgiving dinner this year with Grandma Stewart followed by the annual 7-11 game.  To play this game, you roll 2 dice and try to roll either a 7 or an 11.  If you do, you get to pick a present which usually consists of some type of candy or fun toy.  Once all the presents have been unwrapped, the lightning round begins.  The timer is set for 11 minutes and the game continues, but this time you can "steal" presents from one another.  Every year there is some "hot" present that everyone wants and it is always fun to see what everyone fights for. This year the coveted prize was a Mixel (Lego) set.  Cameron was the proud winner of the Mixel.  A couple of days later the Whitney family came and we played again.  The coveted present for this round.....a lovely "poop" emoji pillow.  Congratulations Austin!