Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Welcome spring....

I have been wanting to make a wreath for my front door for a while now, so today I found a little time to craft! Here is my dollar store wreath! I already had the grapevine wreath, so I just needed some spring flowers to jazz it up. So, off I went to the dollar store where I found all the flowers, the glitter eggs and the cute polka dot ribbon to finish my project. Simple, easy and kind of project! $9.00 for a fun spring wreath, not bad!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This afternoon Austin came to me and said "Mom, I want to go outside and ride my rattlesnake." (The rattlesnake is the new bike that we bought him a couple of months ago.) I reminded Austin that his bike didn't have training wheels and because I couldn't watch Ethan and help him attempt to ride, that he would have to wait for Brett to get home. So he patiently waited and then when Brett arrived home they went out and literally 5 minutes later Austin was cruisin'! I am so proud of him, and doesn't he look super cute with his little bike helmet on?!

Austin showing off his new skill:

Caught on tape:

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I NEED a vacation. Please tell me that I am not the only Mom who gets so tired of all the mundane tasks that fill each and every day. Sometimes you just need a break, a little change of pace, a little change of scenery. My kids go off track in 1 week and I can hardly wait! I am so looking forward to mornings that aren't rushed and afternoons that aren't rushed and hopefully to some time spent crafting and definitely time hanging out with the boys and especially no homework! Along with all that, I am dreading keeping the kids busy so that they don't waste all of their free time in front of the computer and the wii, the bickering and fighting that will inevitably occur on a daily basis, and the constant state of disaster that my house will be in with 4 boys tearing through it. I may just have to toss these 4 boys of mine in the car and take a road trip....that's what I would really like to do. We'll see how it goes. But in the meantime, let the countdown begin! Oh, and I better stock up on some chocolate...I think I'm going to need it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is in the air

and I'm taking advantage of the fact that the little rays of sunshine that have been streaming through my windows amidst the rainy days have motivated me to get a few things done. So with that, I'm back or at least I'm getting there. I actually crafted this week and finished a project that has been in the works for a while now and I must say that I was way excited to finish this project and here's why:

I love these big windows in my kitchen, but this wall was just way to plain for my taste, so.....


I sewed the curtains and Brett made those awesome shelves for me! We make a good team. He did an amazing job! I love how they turned out here is a close up shot of the detail:

and here they are closed:

And some crafty goodness

Fabulous quote:

Don't you just love this! I found this free download here,. They come in several different colors and sizes. You should head on over there and download one for yourself!

Re-visitng an old hobby:

For my bedroom

For my bathroom

Signs of spring:

With the leftover flowers from my arrangements, I was able to make this cute little spring arrangement for my hutch! $30 for three arrangements...not bad!

*More spring decor to come....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


There is no doubt that boys are very different from girls. This week for preschool we had a lesson on dinosaurs. Today I had the kids draw their own dinosaur and then we did a little writing prompt about their pet dinosaur. When I sat down with Stevie (I wish that I had taken a picture of her with her dinosaur)to do her writing, she said that her dinosaur was a baby and that her name was Kima. She likes to eat plants and grass and baby dinosaur food. When I asked what Stevie liked to do with her Dinosaur, she said "hold her". So cute, sweet and nurturing, just like a girl. I loved it. Then I sat down with Austin. Here is his story about his pet dinosaur:

My Pet Dinosaur
His name is Austin.
He likes to eat meat.
He likes to kill meat eaters and eat the meat.
I like to play with him.

That last part cracks me up, because who wouldn't want to play with a ferocious meat eating dinosaur.

Isn't it funny the differences between boys and girls. I just found this so interesting today, because I seldom get the chance to see the girl side of things with all these boys in our home. Not that I'm complaining, life with boys is good!