Sunday, March 30, 2014

This is me challenge #5

I have taken a very long hiatus from blogging.  Too long.  I recently sat down with a few of my boys and we went back through my blog and we laughed about so many of the stories and memories that I had recorded.  I realized that this little history that I have created for us really is important, and it is something that I need to make time for.  Life is busy.  There will always be something else that I could be doing, but for now, I hope to take a few minutes each week to record the little things in our lives. 

I decided that I also needed to be better at keeping a record of my life, so that my children can get to know me better.  So here I go.  My first post back will be the ABC's of me from the "This is me challenge" that I started so long ago.

A- Anxiety.  I struggle with this.  I tend to be a worrier.
B-  Brett, my wonderful, awesome husband!
C-  Chocolate.  My favorite treat.  I could eat it every day!
Create.  I love to create and I love to encourage my children to be creative as well.
D-  Don Pericos.  My favorite Mexican food restaurant. Love Mexican food!
E-  Education.  I am currently going back to school to receive my BS in Marriage and Family Studies @ BYU-Idaho.  This is a great blessing in my life, and I truly believe that an education is worth all the effort!
F-  Fall.  My favorite season.
G- Green.  My favorite color, and the color of my eyes.
H- Hugs.  My son Austin gives the best hugs aka Austin hugs.
I-  Ice-cream.  I love mint chocolate chip ice-cream, and it always tastes better in a sugar cone.
J-  Job.  My first job was at Mac's Hobbies and Crafts in Utah. 
K- Kind.  I try to be kind to everyone.
L-  Laugh.  I love to laugh, but I don't like to be tickled.
M- Mother.  Best job ever!
Movies.  I love movies.  One of my favorite activities is family movie night!
N-  Notes.  I love the little notes that my boys write to me, and I keep every one!
O-  Oceans or mountains?  Definitely mountains!
P- Preschool.  I love teaching preschool to my son Ethan.
Q-  Quiet.  I am generally pretty quiet around people I don't know really well.  It takes me some time to warm up.
R-  Road trips.  I love to take road trips with my family. 
S-  Sons.  I have 4 of them.  I am a lucky Mom!
T- Temple. I am thankful for the blessings of the temple and the knowledge that I have that families can be eternal.
Teacher. It's what I want to be when I "grow up".
U-  Utah.  The place where I was born and raised. 
V-  Vegetables.  Don't love them. 
W- Warm.  I love warm blankets in the winter time. 
X-  Example.  I try to pattern my life after the example of my Savior Jesus Christ.
Y-  Yes.  I try to say yes to my children as often as I can.
Z-  Zinnia.  I love flowers.  I used to be a florist before I had children.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Daffodil Hill

Today was Stake Conference, and as a result it was a rare Sunday that Brett didn't have any meetings for church, so we decided that it was a perfect day to go on a little ride and picnic to Daffodil Hill in the foothills.  It was a beautiful day, so after conference, we packed up our lunch an we were on our way.  Lynda (Grandma Stewart) and Aunt Mo were visiting with us this weekend, so it was fun to have them come along.  The drive was a bit longer than expected, as I am pretty sure that everyone in Northern CA had the same idea.  It was so crowded.  When we finally arrived, we were all starving, so we had a picnic in the car.  Then we were off to see the daffodils.  It was really pretty to walk around and see the flowers, but my favorite part of the day was taking family pictures.  I have to say that the boys most definitely wouldn't agree with me, but I love the end result of having our family memories captured in a photograph.  We had so much fun going back through the pictures and laughing, because with a family of 6, 4 of whom are boys who don't want their picture taken, it is hard to get a picture where everyone is smiling and ready.