Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is in the air

and I'm taking advantage of the fact that the little rays of sunshine that have been streaming through my windows amidst the rainy days have motivated me to get a few things done. So with that, I'm back or at least I'm getting there. I actually crafted this week and finished a project that has been in the works for a while now and I must say that I was way excited to finish this project and here's why:

I love these big windows in my kitchen, but this wall was just way to plain for my taste, so.....


I sewed the curtains and Brett made those awesome shelves for me! We make a good team. He did an amazing job! I love how they turned out here is a close up shot of the detail:

and here they are closed:

And some crafty goodness

Fabulous quote:

Don't you just love this! I found this free download here,. They come in several different colors and sizes. You should head on over there and download one for yourself!

Re-visitng an old hobby:

For my bedroom

For my bathroom

Signs of spring:

With the leftover flowers from my arrangements, I was able to make this cute little spring arrangement for my hutch! $30 for three arrangements...not bad!

*More spring decor to come....

4 fabulous comments:

The Whitney News said...

Wow! What an amazing transformation. You have such a knack for making things feel so homey. Cute Curtains, and great job on the shelves Brett!! Love it!

Andrea said...

Love, love, love it! Those look amazing and so much better than the plain windows. Also, thanks for sharing that quote. I think all mothers need to be reminded once in a while of the important job we do everyday - even if it doesn't feel so important.

Ali said...

What a huge difference that made! I love the curtains and the shelf looks awesome! Brett is quite a handy guy!!

becky said...

You did an incredible job making the curtains and decorating the shelves. It really makes a statement and looks terrific! Isn't it nice to have such a handy husband? Brett you are awesome! and Melanie you are so creative!

Great job! You make quite a pair!