Wednesday, March 2, 2011


There is no doubt that boys are very different from girls. This week for preschool we had a lesson on dinosaurs. Today I had the kids draw their own dinosaur and then we did a little writing prompt about their pet dinosaur. When I sat down with Stevie (I wish that I had taken a picture of her with her dinosaur)to do her writing, she said that her dinosaur was a baby and that her name was Kima. She likes to eat plants and grass and baby dinosaur food. When I asked what Stevie liked to do with her Dinosaur, she said "hold her". So cute, sweet and nurturing, just like a girl. I loved it. Then I sat down with Austin. Here is his story about his pet dinosaur:

My Pet Dinosaur
His name is Austin.
He likes to eat meat.
He likes to kill meat eaters and eat the meat.
I like to play with him.

That last part cracks me up, because who wouldn't want to play with a ferocious meat eating dinosaur.

Isn't it funny the differences between boys and girls. I just found this so interesting today, because I seldom get the chance to see the girl side of things with all these boys in our home. Not that I'm complaining, life with boys is good!

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becky said...

This is so funny! There are definite differences in little boys and girls and how they look at things. I love how he wants to play with the man eating dinosaur. I guess that could be fun!? I think I'd keep my distance!

The Whitney News said...

Love it! Austin is so funny- love the killing & meat eating parts!! Caprice's dinosaur would be wearing a crown. Cute Austi!