Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The big weigh in....

So, today was the day to weigh and check in the pinewood derby car. E was so excited! Brett came home and finished adding the weights and then it was off to the church to weigh the car. Initially the car weighed just under 5 oz., so they were able to add another weight, and with that it weighed exactly 5 oz.! E was so excited about that! He is really proud of his car. This has really been a fun experience for everyone. Brett has really enjoyed working on this project with E and I have had fun just watching the whole process and sharing E's excitement. Even C helped out by finding just the right color for E's car. I still can't believe my boy is even old enough to be a boy scout. (when did that happen?) Brett asked C if he was excited to build a car when he turns 8 and he said "yeah! I'm going to make mine the Batmobile!"

Just a few things to share about the other boys. Today I was watching TV with A, and there was a commercial with a penguin on it and we're sitting there watching and the penguin walks out and A yells "Pengin!" I said "Did you just say penguin?" and he pointed at the TV again and yelled "Pengin!" Where in the world did he learn that? All of a sudden this boy is talking like crazy! It is so cute.

Then early this evening C came downstairs in one of his many dress-ups. This one happened to be his pirate costume. A saw him with his bandanna on his head and went nuts trying to take it from him. So I sent C to go get him one, then I tied a bandanna on A's head just like his big brother and he loved it. You know, he still seems so little to me, but he really watches his older brothers and wants to be just like them. It is amazing the influence they have on him. Anyway, here are some pics of my cute, I mean cool (I've been banned from using the word cute) pirates!

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