Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

It has been a fun day! The day started with heart pancakes. Then for the boys lunches I packed them each a heart shaped peanut butter sandwich and put a special Valentine in there from Mom. The boys had a lot of fun at school with the Valentine festivities of the day. They both came home with their little decorated bags of valentines and had a lot of fun looking at each valentine and seeing who it was from. Then tonight Erik had Karate, so Brett took Erik and Cameron and left me home with Austin to prepare our special Valentines dinner. This worked out perfectly, because the boys had no idea that I was planning anything special. While they were gone, I made a heart shaped pizza (with Austin crying at my legs) and set the table complete with red plates, flowers and candles. Then I put on one of my favorite CD's (Jim Brickman Disney Songbook). When I heard the boys coming in, I hurried and lit the candles. When they came in the kitchen their eyes lit up! Erik said "Wow, it looks great in here! Did you do this by yourself Mom?" Cameron said "It's kind of dark in here." Erik loved the dinner and thanked me for making it for him. The boys really seemed to appreciate my efforts tonight, which of course made it totally worth it for me. We had a great evening and here are some pics of our special Valentines dinner.

(*Austin is not in the picture...because I'm holding him of course! What a little stinker that boy is.)

Cute Cameron signing his Valentines for Kindergarten.

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