Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some Christmas joy from Utah

The beautiful Salt Lake Temple all lit up:

Don't my kids look thrilled to have their pictures taken?!

The boys with Santa.

Their Christmas lists.

Erik: Legos and building sets

Cameron: Pokemon (after seeing Santa he was very concerned and said "Mom, I forgot to ask for Bakugan." I replied "Don't worry, Santa knows")

Austin: Well he didn't ask Santa for anything (we were thrilled he even sat on his lap), but if you ask him he says that Santa is going to come and bring him presents. I have a feeling he's right!

Thanks for the sneaking the Santa picture Mom! And thanks for being our photographers Dad and Annie!

2 fabulous comments:

Tami said...

Love the pictures. I bet you had such a good time.

The Whitney News said...

Great photos of the temple!! They look like postcard pictures! What are those toys again that you were telling me about that your boys love? The ones that pop up out of eggs, that were at Walgreens (or something like that?) Have you had any comments on your watch?