Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random thoughts

We received some beautiful flowers in honor of baby Ethan's arrival...

From Mom and Dad (thanks, it was fun to have these delivered to my hospital room):

From Brett's work:

and this sweet bouquet was freshly picked from the neighbors giant clover patch (which is spreading dangerously close to our yard) by my cute boy Cameron. How sweet and thoughtful is that?!:

Austins latest get-ups:
This little outfit (or lack of one) was all about the hotwheels slippers!

Austin "Mom, look, I'm a cowboy!"

Brotherly love...

Austin was playing the little piggie game with Ethan's toes and he started out by saying..."This little Piggie went to Target"

Last but not least,
as I was looking at the pictures on our memory card, I came across this sweet picture that Brett took of his arm at 2:30 in the morning after finally arriving home after Ethan was born. What a proud dad he is! I love this picture!

How's that for some random thoughts?!

(Hopefully this post makes some sense. Just remember that I am one tired Momma, but it's a good tired!)

2 fabulous comments:

becky said...

This is a great post about your random thoughts. Life at your house must be one laugh after another with Austin around. I just can't stop laughing about "this little piggy went to Target"! What a hoot!

I just loved this post and the pictures. I love the picture of Brett with Ethan's footprint on his arm. That's is just too cute!

What a proud dad!

ali said...

These pictures are great....I love Austin's getup with the non-matching slippers, I can't believe how big he is getting!