Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mean Mommy 101...

For those of you who want to be a Mean Mommy like me, here is a quick tutorial to help you out.

First: Every day (yes, every day) that the kids are off-track, write up a list of chores that you would like each child to be responsible for and leave it at their place at the table. Then require that they tackle those chores immediately after breakfast. *Note: the longer the list, the better the grumbling. Little do the boys know, but this little list of chores is still going to appear when they return to school. (insert evil laugh)

2nd: Check their work to make sure that it was done properly, if not have them do it again.

3rd: Add a few more chores as the day goes on just so they don't get too bored or if they start fighting too much. (I tell my kids that if they can't play together, then they will work together.)

4th: After the chores are completed, for a little reward, take them here:

*Warning: This step is questionable, because I am not sure if this little outing is worse for the kids or the Mom.

Then if they are really good at Joanns, you may be able to let your guard down a little and take them here:

But just to look! Remind them that you are not buying anything!

If you do these things, you can be a Mean Mommy just like me. This system works and believe me, your house will be tidy and your boys will learn to clean up after themselves. They'll also learn to be patient while shopping for fabric and crafts (especially if you bribe them with treats). Their wives will thank me someday!

Good job boys! The house looks fabulous!

3 fabulous comments:

Jen V said...

Wahoo! Great plan! I can't wait until my kiddos can pitch in a little more. I have a 'behavior and responsibility' chart that my 6 and 4 year old do - seems to be working well - but it doesn't help me around the house too much - maybe I'll have to switch it up a bit! Thanks!

Andrea said...

You are sooo mean! Imagine making a child clean up after themselves. :0)

Muriel said...

I just made a new job schedule tonight. Can't wait to implement it. But now that I think about it, I may have to get a little "meaner". Your house looks fab!