Sunday, August 29, 2010

New toys....

for me!!! So, remember the cool toy that I won? Well it showed up on my doorstep earlier this week and it was like Christmas morning for me! I've been playing with it over the last few days, just learning about all the cool stuff that I can do with it and let me tell you, it is FUN!!! So then a week or so ago, Brett bought me another super fun toy (a scroll saw) that I have been playing with and I combined the two and came up with this cute project that we will be making for our Terrfic Tuesday (Super Saturday on a Tuesday night)in Relief Society that is coming up next month: (can you believe that I cut the wood myself?!)





I used my new Silhouette to cut the vinyl. I love how it turned out. Now I can change out the magnets for each season. I am also planning to cut some more pieces that are holiday related! So much fun!

I also found this cute frame from IKEA and I made this:

I love that it is double sided one side for memo's and the other side is a dry erase board to write reminders, messages or love notes......all for just 99 cents! This too will be a Super Saturday craft! I am on a crafting kick, so there will be lots more fun crafts to come!

5 fabulous comments:

Andrea said...

You are one lucky girl! Those projects turned out really cute! I'm trying to find a time to come out and visit you but seriously everytime I find a weekend I think will work, Aaron tells me he's got something planned grrrrr. I'm just going to do it and let him figure something out.

becky said...

Love the crafts you made. Now, there is going to be some serious crafting going on! I love your new toys. You really are a lucky girl! BTW . . . I love the new back ground on your blog. Great colors for fall!

Kelley said...

Holy jealousy batman! That is awesome. I love what you have done and the seasonal frame is a great idea... easy to change out!

Have a super week.

Ali said...

I was wondering if your new toy had arrived. I am glad to see you already put it to use. I love your craft ideas, you always come up with the best stuff!

Beach Lake said...

Love your crafts! I was looking at the Family Proclamation that you posted a year or two ago. You reworked the font and it looked amazing! If you still have it saved, would you send me the document? I'd love to use it in a Super Saturday. Thank you so much!