Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's the hard knock life

*Warning* Mom's vent....

Oh how I love Saturday chores......My boys were asked to do 2 simple chores today

1. Clean their bedrooms
2. Clean their playroom

Both chores should have taken them an hour at the most. Well they have now been at it for 3 hours and still going. All I have heard all morning is "I can't do it!", "It's too messy!" "It's too hard!", "Austin isn't helping", "This is going to take forever!", "Cameron threw Lumpy into the fan", "Cameron isn't helping", "Ethan's making messes" get the point. So from the mother who is feeling a little like Miss Hannigan to the boys who've got it so rough, I dedicate this to you....Oh and by the way, I did clean their bathrooms for them which would have been chore #3 (Mean Mom)

"What are you just standing around here for? You're supposed to clean the bathroom and the kitchen before lunch, my little pig droppings, and if you skip the corners, there will be no lunch. And we're not having hot mush today...We're having cold mush!" --Miss Hannigan

2 fabulous comments:

Andrea said...

At what point do you just give up and go help them? That is my dilemma. By doing so, they learn quick to repeat the pattern so you will "help" them again. But, the whining, complaining, tattling, etc, etc just gets too much to handle sometimes. They say we will miss these times someday.... I don't believe them. ;D

Way to be a "mean" mom too. You're in good company.

becky said...

This just makes me laugh! If they would just pitch in and get it down without all the whinning it would be done in no time. It's funny how they waste so much time complaining and so little time getting the job done! It really is painless . . . right?