Wednesday, October 6, 2010

8 years ago today...

Cameron 8 months old

this little man joined our family. 8lbs 8 oz of cuteness, with fuzzy blonde hair and the cutest little nose I've ever seen. Today Cameron is growing into such a handsome young man who is about to be baptized! What an exciting birthday this is for him. So in honor of this momentous birthday, here are 8 things that I love about Cameron.
1. Cameron has a smile that lights up his whole face and a whole room.
2. Cameron is very thoughtful of others. He loves to write little notes to everyone and he always shares with his brothers.
3. Cameron loves to dress up in costumes, and I love seeing all of his get-ups.
4. Cameron is very smart. He gets really good grades in school (straight A's last quarter) and he always does his best.
5. Cameron always gives me a goodnight kiss and hug....always!
6. Cameron loves his family and he makes sure that we all know it.
7. Cameron tries hard to choose the right and he often reminds our family to have family prayer when we forget.
8. Last but most certainly not least, Cameron is funny and he makes me smile and laugh on a daily basis....I love you Cameroo!

Cameron flashback (about 9 months old)

2 fabulous comments:

becky said...

Happy, Happy 8th Birthday, Cameron!
Enjoy your day and just know that the celebration will go on and on through the weekend. We will be there to celebrate with you tomorrow and then we will continue celebrating on Saturday when you are baptized. This is such an exciting birthday for you. We are so happy for you. Have a fantastic birthday!!!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Cameron! We are so excited for you to be turning 8. There are a lot of fun and exciting things coming your way. We will be thinking of you on Saturday. We Love you!