Thursday, February 16, 2012


Valentines day is one of my FAVORITE holidays. It's pink and fluffy and all about hearts and love. A girly girl day, but who says boys can't love it too. I think that my boys do....or they do a good job humoring their mother. We had our annual Valentines dinner. Heart shaped pizza on Valentines plates by candlelight. This year I made the boys each a robot Valentine. They each had a custom robot drawn and colored just for them. Cameron was most impressed with my efforts. He said Mom! You sharpied and colored these just for us?! It's the little things! Brett and the boys got me a lovely bouquet of flowers that always becomes our centerpiece for the evening and brings me joy! Grandma and Grandpa M always send the boys a fun Valentines package in the mail and this year was so fun for us to scatter the Valentines goodies all over the table to add to the fun, festive decor for our special dinner. After a yummy dinner, we played UNO as a family. What a fun night. Now the countdown begins to my other favorite thing about February....Me day! Love that!

My helper:

The boys:

The girl with her boys:

Happy Valentines (or Valentimes as Austin calls it) day!

3 fabulous comments:

Ali said...

Yay, so happy to see a blog post and see some pictures of your boys!! We talk often, but it is so fun to see pictures and hear what is going on with you guys on a daily basis.

What a fun Valentines you had! I love the table decorations and the boys look so happy!

Roxanne said...

OH I am so glad to see an update! Keep them coming! The boys are HUGE!

Andrea said...

Yay! So glad you decided to keep the blog going. I love your valentines dinner. So cute! One day I too will decorate a cute table for a holiday, but for now, simply feeding my family is on the list. ;)