Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy birthday Ethan....

3 years old already?!  Didn't I just bring this baby boy home from the hospital?  We had such a great day celebrating this sweet, funny, mischevious boy!
The day started with a giant monster birthday card for Ethan to color with some help from his brothers
(illustrated with love by mom)

Then we had donuts and went to the splash park (Ethan's favorite place to go)

Then we stopped at Jamba Juice for one of Ethan's favorite treats, smoothies and Pirates Booty

 Later that day we had pizza and chicken nuggets for dinner followed by monster cupcakes with blue frosting.  Then time for presents!  Ethan got everything he wanted and more. Batman cars, Ligthning McQueen car,playdough,and animal cookie cutters (Mom, Dad and brothers). Nerf Gun, fingerpaints,smock and Bubble Guppies paint book (Grandma and Grandpa M), Money from Grandpa Jed and Grandma S. That's quite a haul I think!

We ended the night with homemade monsters from Mom and a movie night watching Monsters Inc.
It was a super fun day and we all loved making Ethan feel special!

A few things about Ethan at 3:
  • Ethan may be the youngest and the littlest boy in the family, but he is the boss.  He has secret tricks for almost always getting his own way!
  • Ethan loves babies and dogs.  Whenever he sees either, he wants to go and touch them and talk to them. 
  • Ethan is very active. He rarely sits still and loves to jump off of everything.
  • Ethan gives great hugs and kisses.
  • Ethan uses good manners and he always says "tank you Mommy" When I do things for him.
  • Ethan won't sit in the shopping cart and makes shopping a challenge as he has a mind of his own and likes to wander off to look at whatever catches his attention.
  • Ethan loves to paint.  It is an activity that can actually keep his attention for quite some time.
  • Ethan loves Lightning McQueen.  Cars is his favorite movie.
  • Ethan loves to play with his brothers.  Jumping on the trampoline is a favorite activity.
  • Ethan constantly says the word "stupid" and has been known to yell it out in the middle of sacrament meeting and in nursery.  A few weeks ago Ethan was escaping from nursery and one week in particular he stood by the door, said "this is stupid" and took off down the hall....awesome!  His teacher and I had a little discussion about how to handle the "stupid" word issue.  To all the other mom's of nursery age children, I am sorry if your child comes home from church with a new, choice word.
  • Whenever we take pictures of Ethan he makes goofy faces and says "cheeeeeeeese"

Happy Birthday E! 

2 fabulous comments:

Ali said...

He is so big now, I can't believe it!! What a fun day he had, such a lucky guy. Love all the pictures and how you caught him saying "cheese" in the video! Happy Birthday Ethan!!

Lauren said...

I can't believe it! He is so big!!! Love the nursery story!!! lol...;)