Sunday, April 20, 2014

Family Fun Week!

This year for spring break we were trying to decide what we wanted to do with our whole week off from school and work.  We had talked about going to Utah of Tahoe (our usual vacation spots).  Then Brett suggested that we could stay home, but do something fun and exciting each day of the week. The boys were very excited about this idea and we held a family council to decide just how our week would go.  The boys came to our meeting prepared with lots of fun ideas.  Cameron was our scribe and he wrote down all of our ideas.  We then whittled those ideas down to our favorites and plugged them into the calendar and a plan was born!  My Sister Allison called a few days before family fun week was to begin, and asked if she could come visit and join in the fun.  YAY!  That was one more fun thing to add to family fun week.  She came with my niece (Isla) and nephew (Nixon).  We had a fantastic time and created so many wonderful memories.  Here is what we did each day:

Monday:  Lego day
Day one began with a walk to the grocery store for donuts followed by some time to play at the park on the way home.  We then went to the movie theater to see the Lego Movie.  After the movie we went to the mall to the Lego store where each boy got a new Lego set to build.  We ate dinner at the mall to finish off day one.

Tuesday:  River Cats
Day two began with breakfast at Panera.  Yummy bagels and hot chocolate (too bad they were out of the chocolate chip marshmallows).  After breakfast we went to the church to play basketball.  This was so fun!  Then it was home for a few hours to rest up followed by a River Cats baseball game that night.  Gotta love $1 hot dog and dessert night.  River Cats won and we all had a great time!

Wednesday: Yes Day!
Day three started with tennis at the park followed by Jamba Juice.  For yes day each boy got to suggest an activity, or ask for something they wanted, and the deal was that Mom and Dad would say yes (there were some restrictions however).  Then for dinner it was homemade pizza.
  • Erik : Cold Stone for ice-cream
  • Cameron:  Egg rolls at Panda Express
  • Austin: Download "Happy" by Pharrell Williams on ITunes, and a malt
  • Ethan: Bubble bath
Thursday: Bowling/Skate park
Day four began with a trip to the skate park.  The boys love riding their scooters at the skate park.  We spent about an hour there and they pretty much had the park to themselves.  After the skate park Ali and I were able to go out without kids (thank you Brett) to run a few errands, and out to lunch at Chick-fil-A.  Then we took the kids bowling.  Later that night we made s'mores around the fire pit and then curled up for a movie night (The Croods).

Friday:  Six Flags day
Day five was a full day of fun!  Ali got to go to San Francisco to spend a couple of days with Ben and the kids and Brett and I took the boys to Six Flags.  We had a great day riding roller coasters and spending time together.  Even Ethan got to go on a few coasters.  He loved them and each time at the end of the ride he would say "That was awesome!  Can we go again!"  Our favorite ride of the day was the water ride, Monsoon Falls.  Thank goodness we saved it for last, because we got soaked!  After Six Flags we went to Napa to spend the night with Grandpa Jed and Kathy.  Brett and I went out to dinner (Don Pericos) and the boys got to have pizza at Grandpas.  We were pretty exhausted after this fun day.

Saturday:  Pink Bakery
Day six began with a run through beautiful Napa with Jed and his running friends.  Erik and I joined them for a quick little run.  Always fun!  Then we went to the Pink Bakery (AKA Buttercream Bakery) for breakfast.  This is a favorite spot for us to visit while in Napa.  After breakfast we went to a tomato show (pretty funny, we got there right at the end), followed by a street fair in Napa where we scored lots of free stuff (i.e. pens, water bottles, etc).  The it was off the park, home for malts and games and then I took Erik and Cameron to the outlet mall to visit the Adidas and Under Armour stores before heading back home.

Sunday: Easter
Day seven was Easter.  We went to church followed by a hunt to find Easter eggs and baskets.  I think that we were all pretty tired out from our busy week, so we just enjoyed our day of rest.  Ali, Ben and the kids came back for one more night and we had a great time playing games with them to end our very fun and successful Family Fun Week!  We had such a great time that we may consider doing this again next year.

What was everybody's favorite part of family fun week?
  • Erik: Lego day
  • Cameron: Six Flags
  • Austin: Visiting Grandpa Jed and Kathy
  • Ethan: Six Flags
  • Mom: Creating memories and spending so much time with my family.
  • Dad:  Everything!

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