Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"P" party, awards and report cards!

The Beehives and I were in charge of the combined YW activity last night. We decided that we wanted to have the ever popular "P" party for Personal Progress. We had so much fun! Each class came up with 3 snacks that started with the letter P. We had pizza, potato chips, dessert pizza (that I will post the recipe for), peanut butter M&M's, Pink cake, punch, pudding pie and I know I'm forgetting something. Anyway, there was a lot of food! We had the girls come dressed in their PJ's and they also had to wear as many "P" items as they could think of and then we gave out awards for the girls who had the most items on. These girls were so creative. The winner was one of the Laurels and she had on 61 P items! So cute! Then I read the girls a book called "The Paper Bag Princess" and after the story we divided up by class and the girls were given paper bags and they had to create a paper bag gown. Then we gave out awards to each class like the Perfect gown, the Pretties gown and the Priciest gown. The girls loved this! It was just a fun night of hanging out and enjoying one anothers company!

Yesterday Erik had an award ceremony at school. They have these about once a month and the children are recognized for various things like academic excellence, citizenship and recognition. Erik's teacher told me he was receiving an award, so I made sure that I was there to support him. He received a recognition award for outstanding behavior! Yeah Erik. His teacher said that he is an excellent boy in class! We are so proud of him! Also, Erik brought home his report card and he has straight A's! Way to go Erik!

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becky said...

Bravo, Erik!!! We are so proud of you! Great job! Keep up the great work. You are wonderful!
We love you,
Grandma and Grandpa

Also, The p-party was great. What a blast! What a creative idea . . . sounds like the young women had a great time. Way to go!!!