Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday craft...freezer paper stencils

I have been wanting to try this fun craft with the boys for awhile now and today seemed like a good day to do it. A few weeks ago, I bought some inexpensive t-shirts for each boy, some fabric paint and some stencil sponges at Wal-mart and then each boy chose a design that they wanted to stencil on their shirt. I printed out Erik's and Cameron's designs and traced them onto the freezer paper and cut them out. I am proud to say that Austin's little truck is a Melanie original! Anyway, after the designs were cut out, I ironed them on to each shirt and let the boys paint the stencils. After the painting was done, we let the designs dry and then removed the stencils to reveal the finished product. The boys loved this part. These little shirts turned out so cute! We love them. This was a lot of fun and so easy to do. I definitely want to do this little craft again in the future. Brett, funny boy that he is, wondered aloud if this craft was for me or for the boys. ha ha! I must admit that I had a blast helping the boys with their creations.

Here is the finished product:

A couple of good sites to look for stencils.

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becky said...

Hi boys . . . Love your shirts! You did an awesome job and looks like you had a lot of fun making them. Your mom is so creative. Give her a big hug for helping you have such a fun day! You look so handsome in your new shirts!