Saturday, June 14, 2008

Back to School Night and a new handbag...

Last night was Back to School Night for the boys. This is one of my favorite events at the school, because the kids work so hard for this and they are so excited to bring us to their classrooms to show off all the fun things they've made throughout the year. Cameron was beyond excited! He told us that he was going to be the teacher for the night and he got to take us around his room with this little stick that he used to point to all of his work. My favorite project of Cam's was this self portrait artwork that he made and it had a list of things about him. It said that he wants to be a scientist when he grows up and one of his favorite things to do is play with his brother. He also said that his brothers make him happy! Too cute! Erik was quite excited for the evening as well. My favorite project of Erik's was this story that he wrote. Earlier in the year, his class went on a field trip to a local schoolhouse that has been here since the 1800's. Each child was a given a name for the day. Erik was Isaac and they had to write a story about this child's life. He did such a good job on his story. It was very detailed! After the classroom tours, we headed over to Coldstone for dessert.

(*Notice Erik's puppet in the background. They turned out so cute!)

I created a new handbag last night. I really like how it turned out! This is completely my own creation. I drew the pattern for the bag and the daisy on the front. Too cute! You can check out more pictures of it here.

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