Friday, June 20, 2008

Sponge Balls and Popsicles...

We are sooo ready for summer break (even if it is only 3 weeks long)! One more week of school and the boys are counting down. I have all these fun ideas that I want to do with the boys during the summer. We did our first activity today. We made sponge balls. You can find the instructions here and here. It took just seconds to assemble our sponge balls and then the boys were off to run through the sprinklers and and play with their new toys. Aside from a few tears (Cameron had sunscreen in his eye and Austin didn't like being in the middle of the sprinklers), the boys had a blast. The boys even ganged up on their mom! After the fun, we had popsicles and then the boys thought that we should stick with the sponge theme of the afternoon and they decided to sit down and watch a little SpongeBob!

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