Thursday, July 31, 2008

A big week for Cameron

First his tooth, now riding a bike with no training wheels! Last night while I was at Hula class (that's another post), Brett took Cameron out to ride his bike. When I came home, he was cruising up and down the street! So exciting! Way to go Cameron!

Ok now for the Hula...I am taking a hula dancing class once a week and I love it! Sorry, no actual photo for this post, but you can imagine that I look something like this (HA HA)... It is a lot of fun and surprisingly a great workout! Now I'm off to practice my moves (Do you think you can Hula and vacuum at the same time? I'll let you know).

2 fabulous comments:

Karen said...

Hooray Cameron! I'm going to show Josh these pictures. And hooray Melanie! I took a polynesian dance class at BYU and it was one of my favorite classes EVER. It's so much fun. And it kills your thighs. Can't wait to see you "shake it!"

becky said...

Yeah Cameron . . . good job! That's quite an accomplishment! We are so excited for you. As for the hula classes - I'm really impressed! Sounds like a lot of fun and great exercise as well. Can't wait to see a video of it! (tee hee!)