Sunday, July 13, 2008

Legos, boys and messes....

Sunday afternoon... a day for rest right?! Not at our house. I was upstairs enjoying a few moments to myself, but as I was coming down to check on the boys, I was greeted with this: This trail of destruction led me to 3 little boys and 1 reading Father. Erik wants me to post that this was young Austins doing and that he is the one we refer to as the "destroyer". The couch is a battle that I am losing. The boys, on a daily basis, pull all the cushions off onto the floor and jump from the couch to the mound of pillows and cushions. I told Austin to come show me what he was doing in there and here you have it: And now for your viewing pleasure, a live action shot.

Oh good heavens!

The boys have been busy building with Legos. Erik and Cameron wanted me to post a picture of their latest creations.

(notice the missing couch cushions....Austin)

One more sweet picture to share...

Now off I go to do a little cleaning up!

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