Friday, September 12, 2008

A conversation with Cam

Cameron: "Mom does Uncle Kevin have a wife?"
Me: "No, he's looking for one"
Cameron: "Someday I am going to look for a wife just like you."
Me: "I hope you find somebody better than me."
Cameron: "There's nobody better than you mom."

Then to Erik
Cameron: "When I get married, you probably won't want to come to my house because I am going to have a dog."
Erik: "What kind of dog?"
Cameron: "Probably a weiner dog."
Erik: "Oh"

I love my conversations with Cameron. He is the sweetest kid (most of the time).

5 fabulous comments:

Tami said...

That is the sweetest! I love the weiner dog part. Is Erik not a fan of dogs I take it?

Joy said...

You are so very smart to record those moments on your blog so that you will always remember them. You're a good mommy!

I cried when I read the quote that Elder Ballard quoted. It is so very true! I'm learning that a bit later in life. When I find myself drifting I repeat the words: Wherever you are, BE THERE. It reminds me to reel in my thoughts and enjoy the moments I'm experiencing.

Karen said...

What a funny kid! He makes us laugh!

becky said...

He is so funny! What a cutie! Hope he does get a dog some day . . . a "weiner" dog would be great! Way to go Cam!

Roxanne said...

Hi Melanie, I hope your trip home was safe! We sure missed you guys last week. Don't worry Scott and I have put an offer for you guys on the house next door. ;) Will you please tell me again your e mail address. We can't wait until November! BTW you look fab at the wedding!