Monday, September 8, 2008

A Tag

My friend Lauren tagged me.

I am...a wife, a mother to 3 fabulous, busy boys, a sister, a friend.
I think...of new ways to decorate my home and new crafts that I can create.
I family, chocolate, fall, holidays, reading, crafting.
I children to grow up safe, healthy and happy. To grow old with my husband.
I have...a great family
I am scared of...spiders, snakes and anything creepy, crawly.
I hate...gray gravy (sorry mom)
I miss...the mountains, snow, fall in Connecticut.
I write...e-mail, blog posts, notes to my kids.
I wish...I could be more patient.
I children growing up in a wicked world.

I tag Andrea, Karen, Simone and Sandra.

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