Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another quick pumpkin craft

I love all the wheat arrangements that I have seen this fall, so of course I thought "hey, I can make one of those and I think I'll try to do it with a pumpkin." So here is what I came up with.

Here's how you can make one for yourself:

Get yourself a fake, carvable pumpkin and some pretty fall ribbon from the craft store and while your there, don't forget to grab a stem of wheat and grass before you head home.
Now, get ready to craft.

1. Using a screwdriver, poke holes evenly around the stem of the pumpkin.
2. Place a small bundle of wheat and grass into each hole.
3. Wrap your pretty ribbon around the base of all the wheat to about half way up the stalk and tie it into a pretty bow.
4. That's it! Now you have a cute pumpkin, wheat arrangement to decorate your home for fall. Enjoy!

*Look for wheat and grass that are individually wrapped together, Mine came together as individually wrapped bundles that where then bundled together into one big bunch.
*Sorry for the lack of pictures with this tutorial, it seemed too easy for a step by step.

2 fabulous comments:

V and Co. said...

i may have to make one of those! thanks!

becky said...

What a great idea . . . quick and easy. Just my style!