Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our "nothing" morning

Sometimes the weeks go by so quickly, but this has not been one of those weeks. I am so glad that it is finally Thursday and I am really looking forward to the weekend. So yesterday was one of those days for me where it was all I could do to pack lunches for the boys and get them out the door, and I just didn't feel like cleaning up the house, so after Brett and the boys left, Austin and I had a "nothing" morning. We lounged around in our jammies until noon and we watched "Chicken Little". Then I figured that I had better get ready for the day so begrudgingly we got cleaned up and dressed, had some lunch and so the day wasn't a complete waste, we did manage to clean up the kitchen and the downstairs. I had good intentions of washing a load of laundry, but that didn't happen, and you know what? It was OK, because Austin and I enjoyed our "nothing" morning. Today however, is a different story. There is much cleaning to be done and a trip to Costco on the agenda, so off we go to get started. I can see the weekend coming!

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Amber M. said...

So glad you stopped by my is nice to meet you!

To answer your question, I got the pine bough pipe cleaners at my local Hobby Lobby store with the Christmas craft stuff. I'm not sure if you have Hobby Lobbys in CA, but if not, I bet Michaels would have them in their Christmas craft supplies also.

Hope that helps!!

Lauren said...

Those are my favorite...can't wait til Deveon goes all day!

Roxanne said...

I love nothing mornings! Wish I had more!

becky said...

Thanks for the reminder that it is OK to have a "nothing day"! In this hectic world we live in we need to just stop and relax! All those things that we think are so important will be waiting for us later . . . like that load of laundry, dusting or mopping the kitchen floor. It doesn't hurt anything to let it all go for another day. We should all take a "nothing day" once in a while to just take care of ourselves! Thanks for sharing!