Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This kid never ceases to amaze me or crack me up for that matter. For instance on Sunday we are sitting in church getting ready to take the sacrament and I am turning every 3 seconds to the 3 rowdy boys sitting with us and shushing them (just a typical Sunday for us). Anyway, at one point I hear lots of hushed giggles, and I look over and Austin (2) has Cameron (6) pinned down on the bench and he has his little finger in Cam's ear. What?!!! I say "Austin, get off your brother" to which he replies in an annoyed tone "Mom, I'm getting the wax out!" Now Mom and Dad burst into hushed giggles. How do you respond to that one? We love this kid!

2 fabulous comments:

Andrea said...

Give that kid a Q-Tip! Way to go for the gold Austin!

becky said...

He just makes me laugh all the time! What a funny little boy! Where does he come up with this stuff???