Thursday, April 23, 2009


I will make time to work on a little project. I bought these frames at IKEA (love that store) and I plan to make something fun and cute for the boys to use in their playroom. You'll have to check back to see how it turned out. But before the fun begins, I have a few rollover chores from yesterday. How'd I do yesterday?

1. Fold laundry and put away 3 loads washed and put away!

2. Wash sheets all clean and beds were made, Brett finished up our bed (I told you he's the best)

3. Begin to clean and organize the office that may become a kids room (where are we going to put a 4th child?!) I'm not wanting to face this, but today I will.
4. Pull out the baby clothes and start more laundry I better hurry with this one or baby C will not have anything to wear. I also want to make him a cute pants and shirt outfit and a cute freezer paper stenciled onesie and a quilt.....

5. Do something fun with my kids (Cameron just asked if we could have a picnic, maybe an indoor under the AC picnic) We're going to Jamba Juice today!

6. Try to stay cool. Darn heat wave. If it doesn't go away, I am going to finish out my pregnancy in Utah! Way too hot is looking much better!

7. Work on a fun project for the kids play room (probably won't happen today, but I can dream.) Todays the day!

8. Fix the date on my camera. Done!

A few chores completed not on my list: cleaned the kitchen about 300 times (OK, so it wasn't 300, but it felt like it.), payed the bills, held my little guy who has been running a fever the last few days (poor kid), put my kids to work cleaning their playroom and bedroom.

So I didn't accomplish it all, but overall it was a productive day.

3 fabulous comments:

Lauren said...

nice! glad ur back...let me know if u need anything...

Lauren said...

love that taggie football!

becky said...

WOW!!! It makes me tired just reading your list! Way to go!
Can't wait to see how you finish those frames!