Friday, October 2, 2009

4 Months already?!

My sweet baby boy is now 4 months old. It is scary how quickly time flies by. I love having a baby in the house again and I am not wanting him to grow up too quickly.

Ethan at 4 months:
Ethan is the most patient baby ever. He is content to sit and observe. He sleeps through the night and he even puts himself to sleep. He loves watching his big brothers, and one of my favorite things to see is when I lay Ethan down on a blanket, without fail, his big brother Austin is right there laying by him holding his little sweet!

Ethan smiles a lot! He is a happy little guy and his sweet smile is infectious! He also giggles from time to time, usually at his daddy.

Ethan is getting very close to rolling over...won't be long now.

Ethan is such a sweet little boy and this Mommy loves him more than he will ever know. It has been a joyful 4 months with this little guy! ♥


2 fabulous comments:

becky said...

I can't believe how fast the time has gone and how much he has grown!

He is so darn cute! Can't wait to kiss those cheeks and give him losts of hugs! I just love his smile . . . he lights up my world!
We love you Finny-foo!

ali said...

He is such a cute baby! I love his round cheeks. He looks so cute in those overalls. Can't wait to see him over Thanksgiving!