Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Catching up

Fall is finally in the air, and in honor of that, we took the kids pumpkin and apple pickin' We had a great day!

Pickin' pumpkins:

Yee Haw...our little cowboy:

Austin was so excited to ride the pony and you could just tell that he thought he was pretty awesome up there and he's right, he is one cool cowboy!

When did Erik get so tall?! He is growing up way too fast.

AAAH the JOYS of makes me happy! And so do these little cuties!

Doesn't Ethan look like a little pumpkin in that hat?!

1 fabulous comments:

Andrea said...

I love that you are picking pumpkins in shorts and t-shirts. Can't wait to see them all carved. And yes, Ethan does look like a cute round pumpkin. Love the rolls and chubs.