Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Adventures at Target...

We went to Target to pick up a couple of things. We were cruising around the store checking things out when Austin says to me "Mommy, my arm is stuck" I look down and sure enough, his little arm is stuck in the cart between the seat where he was sitting and the basket where Ethan was sitting in his carseat. I try to pull it out and it is really stuck, (we are talking stuck as in his arm wouldn't budge at all). No luck. I try again. At this point, poor little Austin is crying and telling me that it hurts, so I need to figure something else out quickly! Panic is setting in, and I am just sure that I am going to have to call the fire department to come and cut my child out of the cart. Then an idea comes to mind....Vaseline. I race up to the front of the store (because of course we were way in the back) and I find a little jar of Vaseline, tear the lid off, get a big ol' glob and rub his arm down and low and behold, his arm slides right out.....Whew! Crisis averted. Back to shopping. Now Ethan is fussing. OK, I pick him up and discover that he is a huge mess. We're talking blow out!!! That's it! Off we race back to the front of the store (because again, we were in the back), pay for the couple things I needed and out to the car to clean up the poor little guy. And that was the end of our happy day at Target. I vaguely remember a time when shopping was fun.....those were the days! When I asked Austin why he stuck his hand in the cart, he informed me that Ethan wanted to hold his hand. How sweet is that?! However, I don't think that he will be doing that again any time soon. Let's hope not anyway! Oh, and in case you were wondering, I did pay for the Vaseline. The whole fiasco cost me an extra dollar. ☺ Here is Austins account of the day. Enjoy!

Sorry, the sound is kind of fuzzy!
I just told Brett this story and he laughed as he informed me that he set the kids up to drive me crazy so that I wouldn't spend so much money at Target....haha! Little does he know that once he gets home I am leaving all the kids with him and I am going shopping.....ALONE!!!

4 fabulous comments:

Roxanne said...

What a sweet little boy!

Andrea said...

I thought the fire department was going to come with the jaws of life to free him from the cart. Good thinking with the vaseline. What a sweet boy!

becky said...

It makes me so happy to see how loving Austin is to Ethan!
What a sweetheart!!!
It is so cute the way Ethan watches Austin as he recalls what happened at Target! He loves his BIG brother! They are so cute together.

becky said...

Austin makes me laugh!! I'm glad the SAUCE worked. Quick thinking Mom. Austin is such a kick.

Love, Dad