Thursday, November 5, 2009


The Dinner:

Which Brett stood in a very, very long line to pick up for us!☺

The Pumpkins:

Can you guess which pumpkin belongs to which boy?

The Costumes:

Sad but true, this is the best picture I have of Austin in his costume. He had a cool Darth Vader (Darf Bader) mask and he carried a light saber. The little stinker took his costume off the minute he got home from trick or treating and that was that. No pic of him fully dressed for Halloween.:(

The treats:
(and the mess)

The poor 4th boy who didn't get a costume but he's pretty cute anyway!

Now bring on Thanksgiving!

4 fabulous comments:

Jen V said...

Oh my goodness I could just eat Ethan up! He is so munchable - I LOVE his cheeks!!

Jen V said...

Oh, and funny that your boys all went as star wars characters - Jack was a clone trooper last year - and for our kids Halloween party he was Anakin (from the Clone Wars) but for Trick or Treating he went back to his old Clone Trooper costume - crazy boy!

Andrea said...

I love it when the kids come home from trick-or-treating and dump out their haul. It reminds me when we were little and did the same thing. Remember when we would categorize the candy and count how many of each we had.

The kids look great in their costumes and I can picture Austin in his and he looks great!

becky said...

Thanks for sharing these pics with us. The boys look great in their costumes. They really got a lot of candy. Looks like they were handing out good stuff this year!
Gotta' love Halloween!