Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Monsters for my little monster....

Years ago I made those cute little no sew, fleece blankets for Erik and Cameron. They love their blankets and they use them all the time. Austin was asking me the other day where his blanket was.....well, I guess that I never got around to making him one. So off I went to Joann's to pick out some fleece. I found the cutest monster/alien fleece there and that was it. Seriously, is that not the cutest fabric for boys?! (I am pretty sure that I broke a record for the fastest time in and out of Joanns that day) Later that afternoon, I sat down to tie his blanket. I was thrilled when Erik and Cameron wanted to help me (You know it makes my heart happy to see my boys crafting).

Thia morning as I was driving home with Austin and Ethan after dropping the boys off at school, Austin says from the back seat,

"Thanks for making me my new blanket Mom."

And then later I found him lounging on the couch watching cartoons all snuggled up in his blanket.

LOVE it!!!

If you want to make one for your little cutie too, just buy 1 1/2 yards of patterned fleece and 1 1/2 yards of a coordinating solid fleece. Layer the two pieces of fleece together and Cut a 5" X 5" square out of each corner and then cut ties that are about 1" wide by 5" long all around the blanket. Now just tie away! It is the easiest blanket you'll ever make and it will make your kids feel so quick get to Joann's before they run out of that monster fleece :)

3 fabulous comments:

Andrea said...

That fabric is so cute! You can tell Austin is so excited with his blanket. What a sweetheart!

becky said...

Austin's blanket is ADORABLE! That was really cute the way Erik and Cam wanted to help make this blanket for their little brother.
That is truly a gift of love! Auston sso comfy with his new blanket! Love it!

ali said...

I love the fabric, all the bright colors are so fun! A nice, warm blanket for a sweet boy. Tell Austin Nixon misses his little buddy. Oh and by the way, I used my scripture bag today and love it, got lots of compliments on it! Thanks again :)