Sunday, June 27, 2010

June in a nutshell

I guess that I was in much need of a blogging break....Life got a little busy (it still is), but I wanted to update the blog, so be prepared for some lengthy posts and lots of pictures.

June has been a busy month for us. First off, my baby turned 1 year old on June 1. Time really does seems like just yesterday that we were bringing him home and now he's doing things like this:

Cruisin' around

and Makin' messes (notice there is nothing on the bottom shelves...I wonder why?!)

But doesn't he look happy!

So Ethan at 1 year old:

  • Barks like a dog (ooh ooh)
  • Holds the phone to his little ear and says Hello
  • Climbs on everything
  • Got his first haircut (a trim really, just in the back as there is still not much on top)

  • Loves to sit on the couch by his brothers. Suddenly being down on the floor isn't good enough, but after sitting for about 10 seconds he decides that it is much more fun to crawl around the couch, over his brothers and the most fun of all is crawling from the couch onto the side table and knocking off all of Mom's carefully placed decor. Good times!

A few pics of Ethan's first birthday:
The Cake

Package from Grandma and Grandpa

New Sandals...cutest feet ever!

June also brought more house projects...this month we got a new fence carefully constructed by Brett and our neighbor with a little help from this future carpenter



Then there was Father's Day...Brett had to leave us for a week for work, so I wanted to accomplish a couple of home improvement projects while he was gone in honor of Father's Day'
Bathroom before:

Bathroom after:

The Mantle...yep, I hung it myself

And rounding out the month....we celebrated this boys 11th birthday with food, friends and fun. Can't believe how grown up my boy is!

Happy 11th Birthday Erik!

3 fabulous comments:

The Whitney News said...

So Fun! you are such a good decorator. And 2 birthdays in the month of June- keeps you busy! Your house looks awesome- still think you need to post some pictures of the outside of it!!

Ali said...

Happy Birthday Erik and Ethan, can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks! Everything at your house looks so good. I love the blue paint in your bathroom, so pretty! Also, good work on the mantle, I would not have been able to do that by myself-would have turned out all crooked :). Can't wait to see more pics of how the house turned out.

becky said...

WOW you really have had a busy month! Happy Birthday to Erik and Ethan. Looks like they had fun on their special days.

The house looks amazing . . . good job on painting the bathroom, love the color and decor. Can't wait to see more pics of your home, especially the kitchen cupboards!