Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pidgeon Moment 5-19 - Modern Family

This hit a little too close to home....I may have looked a little like this when the bird flew through my house and I am sure that it my Dad hadn't been there to remove the little guy from my home, my house may not have fared much better. I LOVE this show by the way and I was laughing hysterically at this part. I am sure that it was written just for me...ENJOY!

2 fabulous comments:

becky said...

We are laughing so hard! Can't believe the timing of this episode of Modern Family! So glad we were there to come to your aid in the extermination of the bird! So greatful we were able to save your home from similar destruction! We'll be laughing about this for ever!!!

Ali said...

Modern Family is the greatest!! Ben and I watched this episode, but I didn't put your story and this one together. But, I was telling Ben your bird story a couple days ago and he goes, "Was it just like the Modern Family episode we just watched with the pigeon?" Then, I started laughing even harder comparing the two and picturing you guys trying to get the bird out of your house. Such funny times!