Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Valentines (belated)...

The tradition:

The dinner:

The Family night activity:

Since Family Home Evening fell on Valentines Day, we had a lesson on love. I hid hearts all over the family room and the boys had to go on a heart hunt. Then for each heart that they found, they had to list a way that they could show love for others or list a way that the Savior shows love or showed love to those he served throughout his life.

Then, Brett and I played 20 questions with the boys and they had to guess where their Valentines were hidden. They guessed it with only 4 questions left and each boy received a Lego set from Mom and Dad.

The flowers for the girl:
The first bunch you can see in the pictures above, however, they died the next day so they were returned for a new bunch!

Notice Austin's Lego set on display next to my flowers...CuTe!

The GIANT Hershey's kiss for the man:

Brett has often said that he always wanted one of these when he was a kid and never got one, so I couldn't resist!

The Valentine's thief:

I heard a little voice saying mmmmm... and I came around the corner to find Ethan on the floor raiding his brother's Valentine bag of goodies. Doesn't he look happy?!

The Valentines decor that I managed to complete prior to one of my favorite holidays:

Did I mention just how much I LOVE the month of FEBRUARY! Who doesn't love a pink month? Not to mention I kind of feel like it's my month...let the countdown begin to Melanie day (or Melanie week as Brett likes to call it)! I love my birthday!

4 fabulous comments:

Ali said...

Good work on the Valentines dinner and crafts, everything turned out so cute! The pizza and giant hershey kiss look delicious, I could go for both of those things right now! The boys look like they are having so much fun. Your birthday is coming up really soon, 5 days and counting! Tell Brett he can start the celebrating any time !!

Karen said...

So cute. This post made me laugh and smile. I'm with Ali, I could eat a whole pizza and giant hershey kiss right about now.

Monique said...

Your house looks great!!

The Whitney News said...

Such a fun V-day activity- you are so creative & fun. Caprice just asked when are you going to visit us, because you are such a cool aunt. Love the cute crafts you make too!