Friday, February 18, 2011

Someone's been busy....

hmmm...who could've made such a big mess!

Thank goodness for washable markers which didn't completely wash off, so thank goodness for magic erasers!

A brand new bag of Pirate's Booty...awesome!

And what mess would be complete without crushed up goldfish (and a few that were wet and soggy too)!

Could it have been this little person?!

photo courtesy of Austin

Trying to smile....even though I want to scream or cry (not sure which) This picture was also posted to dispel the myth that the cleaning fairy shows up at our house and cleans up after everyone. Sorry to disappoint, but the cleaning fairy is really just MOM!

So, I hear that someday I'm going to miss these little messes....I am not quite sure about that, but I do know that our kids seem to grow up in the blink of an eye, so even though I get really tired of all the added chores that this little man adds to my list, I will cherish him and love him, because before I know it he will be all grown up and I am sure that I will miss the little cuddles and kisses that he gives me on a daily basis. I am already feeling that time passes way to quickly as my first baby is about to venture off to middle school this year. We had an orientation for him last night and I felt like crying the whole time. I just can't believe that I have a child on the brink of becoming a teenager. Didn't I just send him off to Kindergarten with tears in my eyes?!

2 fabulous comments:

Ali said...

Oh my goodness, what a little mess maker! You weren't kidding the other day when we talked on the phone. I swear they are not content until they have made a mess everywhere they go. I guess it is a good thing they are cute. I love his little face! So sweet and innocent :)

becky said...

Oh my, isn't that just the sweetest most innocent face EVER!
It seems that at times they can have so many toys to play with but still look for other things to do. Thus, the messes. But, honestly, as frustrating as it is you will wonder where the years have gone and you will miss the mess, I guarantee it! You are facing this with Erik. Look how fast he has grown up. Off to middle school this summer. Time does go by way too fast. It went by fast with our children and now time is passing quickly with the grandchildren as well. Enjoy all the cuteness and the messes, too!