Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy things...

Or things that are making me smile today

  • cleaning my house to the cranked up stereo blasting Keith Urban
  • My new pink swiffer
  • the sounds of my two littlest boys playing and laughing while I clean
  • It's favorite day of the week
  • The sun is shining!
  • We have railings! Thank you Brett and Jed!

    They are almost done! After picture soon to follow.

  • Cameron yelling from the cross-walk on the way to school "Bye Mom!" not yet embarrassed to be seen with me.
  • Cameron bursting through the door this afternoon yellling "Mom! I saw a frog at school today. It hopped on my arm. He was so cute!"
  • Erik coming home looking all defeated saying "Mom, I have sooo much homework today." Then I saw the corner of his mouth turning up ever so slightly, as he desperately tried to stifle a smile and then I knew that he was messing with me. No Homework Today!
  • Ethan's fuzzy blonde hair that stands straight up no matter how hard we try to get it to lay down.

  • Ethan's attempt at conversation which sounds something like this : la der la der la der Mom. Boy I wonder what he is saying, but no matter, it's cute!
  • Austin all set up and ready to play a game. I laughed when I saw him sitting on the floor wearing the chef hat ready to play Green eggs and ham

  • And this little conversation that I had with Austin yesterday:

    Austin "Mom!, I didn't give dad an Austin hug this morning."
    Me: "Oh no, you'll have to give him one when he gets home tonight or maybe you'll have to give him two."
    Austin: "No, you only get one per day unless it's a special day."
    Me: "What is a special day?"
    Austin: "you know like when you go somewhere to a house you can use (Tahoe) or Christmas or Mom's day or Father's day"

    So there you have it, Austin hugs are pretty special and I am proud to say that I am the proud recipient of just ONE today!

Hope that you're smiling too!

6 fabulous comments:

Andrea said...

Super Cute! These truly are the "joys" of motherhood.

Ali said...

What a great post! Reading all those things made me smile too...and laugh out loud like Austin's cute face in the chef hat and Ethan's hair! Love it!! Also, is it weird that I got really excited when I read that you were cleaning with your new pink Swiffer?! Cause it did!! And pink? I am so jealous! Mine is boring old green, but no matter, it is still amazing!

becky said...

I just loved this post. It made me smile and feel so good. I love the pictures of the boys . . . Ethan's hair makes me laugh. Super CUTE! And Austin just cracks me up in that chef hat. Thanks for sharing!

Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

Ali, LOL! :) You know you're going to need a pink swiffer don't ya?! Makes cleaning WAY more fun! I even love the sight of the boys cleaning with it!

The Whitney News said...

Awh, I love my nephews. How great that through all the chaos, you can stop to appreciate the little moments! Thanks for the sweet thoughts. Can't wait to see you guys-my kids are dying to!