Thursday, May 5, 2011

Object lesson

I just had to document this little experience so that I wouldn't forget and so that someday when Austin says "Mom, tell me a story about when I was little" (as he so often does) I can share this cute story with him.

Brett had the opportunity on Sunday to present a sharing time to the primary children. His sharing time was based on the 6th article of faith:

We believe in the same organization that existed in the Primitive Church, namely, apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists, and so forth.

He used this object lesson that he used to use on his mission to help the children understand that our church is organized the same way that Christ organized his church when he was on the earth.

Later that night Austin grabbed a handful of cups and said "Mom, I want to tell you a story." He then proceeded to stack the cups just the way Brett did explaining to me how the church is set up. First he layed out 12 cups (and this was my favorite part.) I asked him why there were 12 cups. He said they were for the 12 "opossums" (apostles). How cute is that?! Then he stacked more cups "building" the church. Then he told me that the church fell down (as he knocked it over). I asked him why the church fell down and he said "because they killed Jesus and the opossums (apostles) died". He then proceeded the build small little structures telling me that different churches were organized and that "Sister Smith" (He meant Joseph Smith, but his primary teacher is Sister Smith. I got a little chuckle out of that) didn't know which church to join, so he prayed and God told him that he shouldn't join any of them. Then He proceeded to lay out the cups again to build the church just like he had in the beginning telling me that Heavenly Father helped Joseph Smith restore the church to the earth just as it had been when Christ was on the earth. This was such a sweet moment for me as a mother because you often wonder if your children are listening or paying attention to what is being taught and to see that this lesson made such an impression on him makes me realize that they are listening and picking up on so much more than we even realize. I shared this story with Brett and we both got a little chuckle out of it. I am so grateful for the gospel in my life and for the influence that it has on my children.

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Andrea said...

That is so stinkin' cute! I love the opposum's.

becky said...

I'm so glad you shared this darling story and Austin's interpretation of it. Just when you think they aren't listening they surprise you with the most intricate details. This is just so cute. I love the analogy of using the cups to tell this story of Joseph Smith. Tell Austin I love him and am so proud that he can remember this story of Joseph Smith and tell it so well.
Great Job, Austin!

Ali said...

Could that be any cuter?! I am sure it just made your day to know that all your hard work of teaching your boys has paid off! What a cutie!!

Also, congrats on running the 5k!! That is so awesome! Hopefully we can find a 5k in July when we'll all be in Utah. Guess I better get my butt in gear :)

Karen said...

I love this story and had to try out the lesson. But Sophie just played with the cups...

The Whitney News said...

Love Austin! Tell Brett that he must have given a pretty interesting lesson, if a 4 year old could remember it! That is too cute!