Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I did it!

Today was the big day! My braces are in place. I am so excited and happy to be sportin' these little beauties (insert fake enthusiasm). Just think, in the next 2 years my teeth are going to be straight and white and I'm sure just beautiful (they better be).

*Photography by Melanie (amazing right?!)

4 fabulous comments:

Tami said...

I couldn't even tell! I had to enlarge the picture to even see them. Do they feel just as invisible?

Melanie said...

Thanks, they are not quite so "invisible" in person. And they definitely don't feel invisible. I feel like I am wearing fake teeth! LOL! Hope I get used to them soon.

Karen said...

ooohhh...I am feeling braces envy all over again.

becky said...

It will be worth the pain . . . right? You look beautiful! Too bad we didn't realize this when you were a younger. Sorry about that! Who knew? We can always blame it on Dr. Ashton, right?
~ Mom and Dad