Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our Big Messy Day

The boys are off track and we were without a car today, so I decided that today would be a great day for crafting. Today's project: puppets. So, we grabbed some felt, markers, paint and my sewing machine and we got to work. Each boy got to choose what kind of puppet they wanted to make. Erik chose to make a ghost and Austin chose to make a blue puppet that we refer to as "the monster" and Cam chose to make a double sided puppet part alien and part astronaut. With that decision made, I drew up a pattern for the puppets, then we traced, cut and I sewed them together. Then the fun began, the boys got to decorate their own puppets. After the chaos of paint and markers flying everywhere, the puppets were done. Now what do we do with them? Write a script, make a theater and perform a puppet show. Erik took right to the task of writing a script and Cameron sat down and created the artwork for the puppet theater. Once that what was done, we were off to create our puppet theater. With the help of 2 kitchen chairs, one white sheet, a jumprope and some clothes pins our work was complete. Once the puppets had time to dry, it was time for the dress rehearsal (which I was lucky enough to see 3 times). Then all we had to do was wait for Dad to come home from work for the big premier! "The Geeky Street Kids" starring Erik, Cameron and Austin (sort of). The boys were very proud of all their hard work. So as Cameron said earlier, "Today was really fun. It was a big messy day!"

Now grab some popcorn and a soda, sit back and relax and enjoy the premier of "The Geeky Street Kids" (You'll need to pause my playlist to hear the show.)

3 fabulous comments:

Lauren said...

This weeks Greatest Mom Award!

The Whitney News said...

You guys are so creative! Looks like you had a fun time! Saige and Caprice loved the play, and said it was really funny with Austin in it!

becky said...

You boys did an awesome job with your puppet show! What a fun day! Give your mom a high five for such a great day!