Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday night games and ice-cream

It's Sunday evening and Brett is at a Priesthood meeting, so I thought "hey, let's play a board game." The boys thought that sounded like fun and Cameron rushed off to get "The Allowance game". Things were going great. This was a good idea. Then I hear "I want to be green", "no I want to be green" and then I see two boys wrestling on the floor over the green pawn and then I remembered I am a mom of boys and nothing goes as easily as I think it should. I help (no force) the boys to work it out and Cameron ends up with the green pawn. Ok back on track. The game begins, we roll the dice to see who goes first. Erik wins and then battle # 2 begins. We talk it out and everyone is good to go. Phew! The game begins (again), things are going well until Austin discovers that it is fun to roll the dice and attempt to knock down everybody's pawns (which he does with surprisingly good aim). We deal with this by remembering where our pawns were before he throws the dice. Eventually he tires of this and the game goes on. Cameron begins to get bored while he is waiting for his turn and starts doing handstands dangerously close to the game board and his mother. I quickly put an end to that, then he decides that it is fun to get a running start and jump over the game board. I finally get Cam to sit and wait patiently for his turn and then Austin begins grabbing handfuls of the money from the "bank" at this point I'm begging for someone to save $20 so this game can end! Finally Cameron earns $20.70 the game is over and I need a nap. 7:00pm and bedtime is just around the corner, so it's off to the kitchen for some ice-cream which turns into ice-cream with malt and hershey syrup. Just when I think the kids are full and ready to quiet down for the night, Erik says "I'm hungry" and of course his brothers follow suite, then it's apples and cheese and yogurt and graham crackers and muffins (of course each boy has different request) and then finally everyone is full and the mess is cleaned up and the bedtime routine begins. Scriptures, prayer and storytime and finally the boys are tucked into their beds and hugged and kissed and I can finally relax!

Cameron...our winner! He was so cute he said "This is my first time winning!"

On a funny note, Austin looked at the game money and saw the picture of George Washington and said "Grandpa" So Grandpa Jed or Grandpa Boyd? You decide!

My little "angels".

Now off I go to watch the Olympics/read until bedtime.

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Lauren said...

Your boys make me laugh...My night was somewhat crazy too with Josh being gone...kept looking at the clock, is it 7 yet, 7:30, 8! yay good enough! Love the family!

Lauren said...

What am I talking about... It is 10pm and Deveon is still up cause of a much needed nap earlier...I'm hiding up in the office, and he's hangin' with Josh...