Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Pinewood Derby

It's that time of year again. Erik has been so excited for the Pinewood Derby. Last weekend we headed over to Napa so that Dad and Grandpa Jed could help Erik design his car. Here is the finished product (The Wedgie):

Last Thursday was the big race:

Waiting for the race to begin

Go Wedgie Go!

"Mom take a picture of me" Check out his shirt...how appropriate for the occasion.

He won a few races and lost a couple too, but he was thrilled to take home the award for the "Sleekest Car Design" and a cookie too. It was a great night!

3 fabulous comments:

Karen said...

Look at that design. It could pass for Italian! Congratulations on "sleekest design." What an awesome night!

Andrea said...

Your car turned out great! Congratulations on winning some of your races. You look good in your uniform!

becky said...

I'm lovin' your car the "wedgie"!
Congratulations on winning sleekest design on your car! What a great evening!