Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Brett has been working on a "project" that he started over the weekend. When he started, his little project, it looked like this:

We picked up this cedar chest at D.I. (thrift store) in utah and hauled it all the way home. We have been wanting a bench to place at the end of our bed and when I saw this, I knew it had lots of potential! So Brett is sanding, priming and painting and I (being pregnant) get to work on the cushion. Now you'll have to check back later this week for the after...let me just say that it is looking awesome! I can't wait to see it finished.

Anyway, while he has been working so hard in the garage on this project, the boys have been out "scootering" Austin is so excited to be able to ride his little scooter, or "Scoot" as he calls it, along with his big brothers.

The race is on:


3 fabulous comments:

Lauren said...

I can't believe austin "scoots"...his little legs look adorable!

Andrea said...

I love how your project magically became Brett's. How do you do it? Ha Ha! I can't wait to see the finished product. You have such a talent at seeing beyond the here and now and be able to turn it into something great!

becky said...

Scootering looks like fun!
Way to "scoot", Austin! The weather looks amazing. We are tired of the cold and snow! Looking forward to spring.

The cedar chest will be awesome! Way to see outside of the box! Can't wait to see the finished project! Way to go Brett!!!