Friday, January 9, 2009

Random thoughts....

Random thought #1:
The pickiest eaters in the world live at my house. Erik and Cameron survive on a diet of chicken nuggets, yogurt, cereal, breakfast foods, mac and cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, apples (at least we get a fruit in there on occasion) and there may be one or two more things they eat, but that is about it. Austin may very well be the pickiest of the three. Austin pretty much eats chicken nuggets every day for lunch and sometimes dinner too (thank goodness for those nasty, frozen dinosaur nuggets). So the other day I had a brilliant idea (if I do say so myself). I thought that I could convince him to eat a peanut butter sandwich and I did! How you ask.....

We made frosty the peanut butter snowman! It worked! He ate 2 along with some grapes and wheat thins. And just so that I know it wasn't just a fluke, he requested frosty for lunch today and ate 2 more! Now you may be saying "Hey is that chocolate on that sandwich" Well yes it is (just a little). But you do what you got to do! It doesn't take much to make me a happy mom! It's nice to have options.

Random thought #2:
I have several projects that I want to complete, but I am going to try to pace myself and complete them one step at a time. So first up.... I am making this

I bought my fabric today and I plan to start working on this little beauty over the weekend.

I am so excited! Now you may remember that I blogged about this last year, well I never got around to it, so this is the year! Which leads me to

Random thought #3:
I can't believe that I have kept this little blog going for a year now!

Random thought #4:
Last but not least, I just wanted to post a picture of Austin proudly holding up his playdoh dog. We made this dog and he said "Mom you take a picture of me." Of course!!!

3 fabulous comments:

Andrea said...

Frosty the peanut butter snow man was ingenious! I know how frustrating food has been at your house so I am glad you have little moments of sanity. The table runner is so cute. I can't wait to see it finished tomorrow. :)

Never got to the post office this week but I am going today. So watch for it on Monday or Tuesday.

Tami said...

It must be that time of year...I have a "randoms" post all thought out in my head, just haven't written it out yet! Anyways, I love the pb frosty, what a great idea. Something I tried with Sarah that works really well, is the Wishbone Ranch viniagrette spray. We call it spray sauce, it has hardly any calories, and she dips everything in it. She even started eating the little shredded carrots, as long as she has spray sauce to dip it in! Good luck with your goals.

becky said...

Let's see . . . what else can you cut into fun shapes? Hope you have lots of different cookie cutters. Sounds like this is a great solution to a difficlt problem! Good luck!