Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love Home Depot...

If you haven't checked out their kids clinics, you should. They offer kids clinics on the first Sat. of each month, so we took our boys last Sat to check it out! The boys loved it! Seriously, crafts for boys...I love that! Anyway, they give each child a pre-packaged kit that is easy for them to put together. Saturday's kit happened to be a trinket box. The boys sanded each piece carefully, applied their velvet stickers (for the inside of the box) and then glued their box together. Quick, easy and free! Doesn't get any better than that. After the glue dried, the boys came home and painted their boxes. They were very proud of their handiwork and you know what?! So was I! We will definitely be making this our first Sat. of the month tradition.

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becky said...

Free is always good! What a fun activity ~ didn't know Home Depot did this. The boxes look great! I love the pictures of the boys . . . gee, I miss you guys!
Love ya'!!!