Thursday, February 5, 2009

Quote of the day...

I've said it before, but we have some picky eaters in our house and tonight at dinner was like all others (a battle to get the boys to even try it). I made chicken and dumplings and of course the boys were less than enthusiastic about trying it. Erik was the first to try and he seemed pleasantly surprised. Cameron was complaining about the dinner and trying hard to get out of eating it. Erik turns to Cameron in an encouraging tone and said:

"Try it Cameron, the chicken wasn't even very gross"

That was the encouragement Cam needed and he tried it. Both boys seemed to like it OK even if they won't completely admit it. Austin on the other hand immediately shoved his bowl away from him and that was that! So now he is eating a bagel. Oh well, it's better than nothing!

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becky said...

This was just too funny!